Buy cheap generic Avodart (Dutasteride) online

Buy cheap generic Avodart (Dutasteride) online


As monotherapy:

treatment and prevention of progression of benign prostatic hyperplasia by reducing the size of the prostate, improve urination, reduce the risk of acute urinary retention and the need for surgical intervention. Mainly studied the combination of dutasterida and ?1-adrenoblocker tamsulosin. Thus, the clinical significance of the influence of dutasterida on the performance of individual sperm and fertility of the patient is unknown.

Dutasteride is contraindicated in women. Dutasteride is not studied in women because the pre-clinical data indicate that inhibition of DHT levels can cause inhibition of the development of the external genital organs of male fetuses.

This is contraindicated in:

Rejecting the drug;
Women and children.
Side effects and overdose Avodart

Since this drug therapy alters hormonal background, men, then this process may be undesirable results. So, for example, reduced sexual desire, waning potency may develop Gynecomastia (breast enlargement). Allergic reactions to This very rare-this may be itching, urticaria, oedema-limited or extensive.

Does not describe any specific symptoms that would have accompanied an overdose Avodart. But if it happened, you should observe the patient and provide symptomatic relief.

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Avodarte reviews

Avodarte reviews often represent questions for urologists and andrologists, which occur in patients in the course of therapy. For example, one man, propiv this medication for three months, did a study of prostate volume and found that it has not changed, has not diminished. The doctor responds:

Duration of use Branded-from three to six months. And only after six months of treatment is possible and necessary to conduct research. Moreover, it must be a comprehensive Diagnostics of prostate not only, but also of the bladder, kidney, force a jet of urine (uroflowmetry). So, while the keep on course at least three months.
One patient described their individual reaction intolerances Branded. He almost immediately, with the beginning of therapy, there was swelling and hyperemia in the genital area. Because his doctor had not encountered such phenomena on the background of Branded, the man was sent to an infectious disease specialist and a dermatologist. But both specialist revealed no external causes of the condition. Thus, it has been proven that the patient cannot continue to use Branded.

In General, men have assigned this drug raises a lot of fears and issues. Because This suppresses the libido, depressive affect potency. Condition of prostate and urination may improve, but this requires long-term treatment. But, perhaps, This will not bring noticeable relief. The question of the effectiveness of this tool is primarily a problem of your trust and confidence in the doctor, his professionalism. No data on the penetration of breast milk dutasterida. Side effects:
Adverse events listed below are listed by body systems and, in accordance with the frequency of occurrence. The frequency of occurrence is defined as follows: very often 1/10; often 1/100 and 1/10; infrequently 1/1000 and 1/100 rarely 1/10000 and 1/1000 very rare 1/10000 including individual cases. Frequency category were formed based on postregistracionnogo observations.

The incidence of adverse events, formed on the basis of the monitoring postregistracionnogo

Immune system: very rarely, allergic reactions (including rash, itching, hives, localized swelling) and angioedema.

From the side of the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue: seldom-alopecia (loss of hair) or hypertrichosis.

Madness: very rarely, depression.

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From the reproductive system and mammary glands: very rarely testicular pain, testicular swelling.

Unwanted effects from the reproductive system and mammary glands, associated with the use of dutasterida (as monotherapy or in combination with tamsulozinom). Adverse effects can persist data after stopping treatment. Influence of dutasterida on saving data of adverse events is unknown. Overdose:
When you assign a dutasterida to 40 mg/day one (80 times higher than the therapeutic dose) within 7 days of significant side effects have been noted. When conducting clinical trials patients within 6 months of receiving dutasteride in a dose of 5 mg daily, with no additional side effects to those observed against the backdrop of the admission of 0.5 mg dutasterida, were found.

Treatment: symptomatic and supportive, as specific antidote dutasterida does not exist. Dosage and administration:
Inside, regardless of meals, swallowing whole, without chewing or opening the capsule because the contents of the capsules can cause irritation of the mucous membrane of the oropharynx.

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Male adults (including the elderly)

The recommended dose of This drug 速-1 caps. (0.5 mg) 1 times per day.

Although improved with the use of the drug comes pretty fast, treatment should continue for at least 6 months in order to evaluate the therapeutic effect. For the treatment of BPH medication This can be assigned as a monotherapy or in combination with adrenergic.

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Special patient groups

Patients with impaired renal function: when receiving 0.5 mg drug This daily through the kidneys are allocated less than 0.1% dose, so there is no need to reduce the dose in patients with the human kidney.