Welcome In online pharmacy

Welcome In online pharmacy

What is this blog about? Literally, about the things that fill in the hole in our health but can make a bigger one in our wallet. Guess what? I mean medicines. The last prescription that I got from my doctor cost a real fortune for me. I am sure it is a common problem. What is more, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the same preparations in the online pharmacies but the cost was twice as cheap as the pills I got t at the pharmacy near my house. I wish I had seen it before. If I had known more about it I would have saved enough. At the moment of my regrets I came up with this blog.

Thus, it is for those who are on the point of buying medicines and are searching for a reasonable variant. I blog the instructions for world-known preparations, their cheaper analogues, doctor’s recommendations, patient’s testimonials and online pharmacies. I am planning to add links to the cheapest and reliable online-pharmacies offering a wide range of medicines, easy payment and pleasant discounts.

This site is a hand for those who’ve just got the prescription and know nothing about the prescribed preparations. It is vital important to learn as much information as possible about the possible consequences and contradictions. Here I blog feedback and instructions about medicines. It includes the instruction for use; dosage for adults, children, and for pregnant women; reviews of real people who have already used this drug for the treatment.


Do I really need to buy this expensive drug? I often ask the pharmacist at the local drugstore. “That’s all we have” is his usual answer. Have you heard it? In fact, we replace medicines with cheaper analogues. I was amazed when I learned that drotaverine and no-Spa are the same preparations. But how different prices for these drugs are! The problem is that a few people are aware of it.

Why can medicines with the same formula have different prices? Manufacturing and search the chemical formula of a new medicine scientists spend a lot of finaces and time to test them. Then pharmaceutical company buys a patent and produces medicine for sale. The price of a new medicine is high, because they have to pay invested funds back. After the patent term (about 20 years) expires, any pharmaceutical company produce this drug can.


It goes without saying, that Internet-trade plays an increasingly important role in the modern world. Just a short period of time ago only the rich imagination of science fiction writers could imagine the things that have become a reality for us today – the opportunity to get things we need, without leaving you comfy chair in front of your computer. Online-trading is a perspective direction of modern business.
Internet pharmacies are rapidly developing during the last few years. What is the reason for such popularity? On the one hand, it is their high level of convenience. On the other hand, the reasons are some specifics of pharmaceutical products. As for traditional pharmacies, their disadvantage along with a large line is a busy pharmacist who is not able to pay lots of attention to all the customers.

In an online pharmacy a buyer gets a great opportunity to calmly and unhurriedly choose the right product, read the instructions, if it is necessary, consult with a specialist without nerves and fuss. A WIDE RANGE OF GOODS, DISCOUNTS, CONVENIENCE are the main proofs of the popularity internet drug providers

Firstly, on our competitive market struggling for each client, Internet pharmacies offer a variety of discounts, promotions and bonus programs.

Another important advantage of online pharmacies is a rich assortment of goods, which is far superior to the assortment of traditional pharmacies. In addition, when shopping in an online pharmacy, you can see immediately whether you have the required goods or not in stock.
Online drug providers work around the clock, have simple process of order and offer fast delivery. Many people appreciate it for a large selection of different options of payment: cash, bank cards, electronic payment.

Some people say that they do not fully trust the Internet drugstores, fearing the possibility of purchasing low-quality medicines. Of course, the concerns of such people are understandable, because the importance of health should not be underestimated. I would define these fears as groundless. Licensing of Internet pharmacies doesn’t differ from licensing activities of our local pharmacies. So, there is no reason to increase chances to get substandard medicines. Also, according to the law, the mandatory certification is required not only for chemists, but also for all commercially available medicines and other goods.

Thus, the motto of the blog is more information – truthful and up to date! My intention is to work out all the trouble related to the pharmacies .

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